Certified Balanced Scorecards and Strategy Maps Specialist 

This program will provide participants with practical skills and knowledge necessary to form proper understanding and implementation of the Balance Scorecards. The program will enable participants to use the Balanced Scorecards in alignment with the organizational vision, strategic objectives, strategic initiatives, KPIs and a comprehensive performance management system. Also, participants will learn the skills of building strategy maps using the Balanced Scorecards tools. Participants will learn the proper use of KPIs.


General Objective

This program aims to form a correct understanding of the Balanced Scorecards and it’s applications in managing organizational performance.


Specific Objectives

The specific objectives of this program include the following:

  1. Understand the proper applications of the BSC to manage systems’ performance.
  2. Understand the four parts of the BSC.
  3. Align the organizational vision, strategic objectives, strategic initiatives and KPIs.
  4. Build a strategy map.
  5. The proper understanding and selection of KPIs. 

Course Outline

This program will cover the following;

  1. What is Performance Management and why do we need it?
  2. Mixing System’s performance management with HR’s.
  3. Why Balanced Scorecard is most popular among others?
  4. What is Balanced Scorecards?
  5. Understand the “proper” and “improper” uses of Balanced Scorecards.
  6. Negative consequences of using Balanced Scorecards to manage People’s performance.
  7. How to implement Balanced Scorecards in business.
  8. What are strategy maps?
  9. How to Build successful strategy map using Balanced Scorecards.
  10. From vision to strategic objectives, strategic initiatives and KPIs.
  11. The art of selecting the right KPIs.
  12. The RISK of using the wrong KPI’s with real example from local market.

Who should attend this program?
General Managers
Business men and women

Program duration

1 days.


Available in all locations.

Please email us on bsc@aite.us indicating the required location, number of candidates and two proposed dates. We will send you a confirmation including an invoice that you can pay online.

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