Balanced Scorecard

Balanced Scorecard


The balanced scorecard is a strategic performance management tool that helps organizations and leaders actualize their visions and turn them into actionable initiatives. It also provides measurement tools that provide systems with feedback that helps in directing the organization to improve itself. Balanced scorecard is a wonderful tool to manage "systems" and it considered a best practice that leading organizations in the world adopt.

Although it is a great performance management too, balanced scorecard is misunderstood by many leaders and organizations. Instead of using BSC to manage "systems performance", some leaders used it to manage "people`s performance". This understanding puts the effectiveness of using BSC in question.

Therefore, through understanding of systems and people`s behaviors is an important requirement for successful implementation of BSC or any other performance management tool.

This course covers all what is required to be known by leaders and managers in order to achieve proper implementation of the BSC in their organization. It starts with the vision all the way through to key performance indicators, which if not selected properly, will drastically bring performance, safety, moral and cost to undesirable levels.


These are some of the topics that will be covered during this rich course:

·        Why use Balanced Scorecard

·        Cause and effect

·        4 Perspectives of a Balanced Scorecard

·        Strategic themes

·        Translating strategy into operational Objectives – Strategy Maps

·        Measurement and target setting

·        Aligning the organization to the strategy

·        Balanced Scorecard development process

·        Balanced Scorecard implementation

·        Managing for results with a Balanced Scorecard

·        Aligning budget/resource planning.


Who Should Attend

This course is for leaders, managers, supervisors, foremen, engineers and all those involved in planning and managing businesses.



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