Empowerment and Delegation


Empowerment and Delegation

No matter what the job title may be, if you are working in a team setting you need to acquire the skills and knowledge that will assist in empowering staff members. In order to do this, you must begin to first empower yourself!

Self-empowerment is an important skill that is valuable to each individual personally, as well as in a team. Lack of empowerment in a workplace is a key factor in goals not being reached and a decrease in company profits or affairs. Successful organizations look for individuals who are self-empowered and carry the skills to be able to empower others.

This course focuses on the participants and how capable they are in empowering themselves and others under their current work situation and ways that the can learn to improve this.



·        Becoming self-aware

·        How to create an environment of motivated employees

·        Dealing with de-motivated people-How to react

·        How to increase performance through empowerments

·        Techniques of empowerment and motivation

·        How to face critical issues with a positive attitude

·        Role modeling good behavior

·        Skills and techniques to empower yourself

·        Areas of improvement as an organization/team



·        Self-assessment to produce a stronger you

·        Increase your ability to influence

·        Remove barriers that prevent your own growth and improvement

·        Recognizing your strengths and weaknesses

·        Four key motivation theories

·        Applying theories to company guidelines

·        What drives employees to strive for high-performance?

·        Maintaining high-performance through empowerment

·        Acquire powerful techniques for motivating professional relationships

·        Encouraging input

·        Using upward appraisal

·        Giving positive feedback and expression

·        Work Triangle = Performance – Enjoyment – Learning

·         Strategic vs. Operational levels in organizations

·        Entrusting teams

·        How to manage performance with positive attitude

·        The self-fulfilling prophecy model

·        Staying empowered


Who Should Attend

Any individual that wishes to enhance the quality of their workplace and improve performance. This course is ideal for executives, managers, team leaders, supervisors, assistants and project leads.



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