Basic Presentation Skills


Basic Presentation Skills 

You can have the greatest idea, intellectual information, or the best business offer but end up having it all go to waste without being able to present the information successfully. The key to convincing others to follow through on your ideas or sell a product is the ability to present the information that will interest and capture the prospective persons.

Being able to present yourself in a professional manner with persuasive material displayed with colors, images, graphics and organizations are the key point in holding interest. This program designed to teach you the basic skills that are needed to prepare and maintain audience interest in your presentations.



-      Basic techniques for giving a presentation

-       How to prepare for a good presentation

-       How research will help you

-       Effective designs

-       How to select a perfect spot for your presentation

-       Verbal vs. non-verbal communication

-       Energy levels

-        Nervousness is noticeable

-       How to create flip charts, graphs

-      Intro to Power Point

-      Different tools to engage others



-      Becoming aware of audience expectations

-      Preparing for a presentation

-      The outline

-      Research, write and edit

-      The importance of Proofreading

-      Finding the perfect place

-      Calming your nerves

-      Clear voice and communication

-      The roll of Body Language

-      Basic Designing tools

-      Using relevant images and colors

-      Tips and tricks of effective presenting

-      Whiteboards vs. Power Point

-      Energy and Comedy

-      Preparing for Questions


Who should attend

This course is designed for any individual that wishes to improve their presentation skills.

-      Administrative assistants

-       Supervisors

-       Managers

-      Team leaders

-      Project managers



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