Counseling and Leadership Skills for Supervisors & Middle Managers


Counseling and Leadership Skills

for Supervisors & Middle Managers


As a company counselor and leader, you become an essential and highly important part of the organization. In order to master these skills, a leader must learn to understand and communicate effectively their own value systems to others. This course will assist you in understanding the role of a leader and their impact on an entire team’s needs, concerns and inspirations. By becoming a successful counselor and building strong relationships within a workplace, performance levels will rise and benefit everyone.




-          Define counselor and leader

-         Why are these roles necessary for a company?

-         The nature of a counselor/leader

-         Different types of leadership styles

-         Self-assessment of managing style

-          How to set a vision and implement

-          Gaining Trust

-          Building and maintain trust

-          The act of Encouraging others

-          Ways to criticize without hurting relationships

-          Saying “No”

-          Positive re-enforcement

-          Persuasion through counseling



-         The roles of a counselor and leader

-         A leader’s effect on entire company/department

-         Self-assessment of counseling techniques and skills

-         Personality traits of Leaders

-         Participative Leadership

-         Situational Leadership

-         Contingency-Based Leadership

-         Transformational Leadership

-          Encouraging others

-          Celebrating small victories

-         Sharing information and building trust

-         Art of persuasion

-         Convincing others by “doing”

-          Being a good role model



This course is designed for supervisors, general managers, middle managers, administrative managers, assistant managers, and members of the board of directors.



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