How to be a Successful "CEO"


How to be a Successful "CEO"

Training & Mentoring


Being on the leadership seat, you need to acquire more powerful skills, capabilities and characteristics in order to excel and create real and distinguished changes. Although CEO's add great value to the bottle neck of their organizations, most these added values almost disappear when there is a new re-organization or re-assignment of the CEO position.  This has resulted in drastic loss of resources, capital and opportunities. 


In order to COMPETE in challenging environments, you will need to work at the THINKING LEVEL.



Our practical experience working for the largest Oil/Gas and Petrochemical organizations in the world helped us have a deep understanding of success requirements in a corporate context. We belief that for a tree to produce  better fruits special care and focus should be deep at the roots level. For humans, working at the THINKING level is the way to achieve persisting and lasting improvements both at the individual and corporate levels.


We designed this program utilizing the most advanced thinking methodologies in the world “Systems Thinking”. Where we start deep at the roots by changing how you THINK then we proceed to the next levels of developing you as a CEO. 


This will make you a unique option to fill executive levels in your organizations including the CEO position. 



This program consists of two Phases: 

Phase 1: Training.

Phase 2: Mentoring. 



This phase includes selected topics from five key training programs necessary for corporates levels. These programs are:


Phase 2: MENTORING (Optional)

This includes a weekly distance or face to face mentoring session to help participants implement the topics covered during the phase 1 of this program and other topics of interest. This is paid separately and based on your requirements. 


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