Youths & Women's Economic Empowerment



Youths & Women's Economic Empowerment

This hands-on program is intended to provide interested individuals opportunities to start generating income by investing their current skills and capabilities through virtual businesses or real ones at a later stage. This could yield to launching a new joint venture with candidates whom we find potential success partners.  

IF you FOCUS on this opportunity, you could earn more than any job that you might get. It all depends on how YOU make use of this opportunity.  

We want to see you create a wealth that would make you a happier individual. And, we wish to gain you as a success partner whom we too achieve our vision to help 2000 youths worldwide generate income rather than waiting for a job.



Although when we designed this business model we had in mind helping jobless youths, it also can be very useful to everybody in fact if customized to fit the targeted candidates in order to achieve best results.




 This Program aims to helping youths and women gain the following skills/knowledge:

·         Tangible and intangible assets.

·         Understanding Knowledge Economy. 

·         Why knowledge based business are more profitable?

·         Investment opportunities in Knowledge Economy.

·         Identify current capabilities. 

·         Identify investment potential investment opportunities based on current capabilities. 

·         Case studies on successful knowledge based ventures. 

·         How SMART youth manage cash flow.

·         Mental models of Successful knowledge based investors. 

·         The Riches vs. the Poor believes

·         Why Small Businesses Owners are POOR people?

·         How to know if you will be a rich or a poor person?

·         OPM - Other People's Money.

·         Financial Statements for POOR people. 

·         Financial Statements for RICH people.

·         How to retire YOUNG?

·         Are rich people good people?

·         Identify potential opportunities based on current capabilities.

·         Select ONE opportunity that you can start NOW.

·         Prepare detailed plan on next steps.

·         The power of multiplication. 


Duration: 15 training hours distributed over 2 - 3 days in the morning or evening.



Do you want to be a trainer for the program?


In order to develop the economic situation of youth and to spread the financial culture all over the world, we provide an opportunity for those who wish to attend and to become trainers for this program through the "Training of trainers for the economic empowerment program for youth and girls" by attending 4 additional training hours as needed.



(1) as a public direct program


The program is held in several regions around the world according to the training plan of the Institute and you often have other trainees attending the program.



(2) as a special program


You can request to attend the program on your own as a special program so we can deal with you on the place and time and we will contact you to coordinate. 



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